At the Movies 2016

We’ll look at three big movies from the past year and learn how we can draw Biblical parallels to help us navigate our own lives.


Let’s face it – movies are a great escape from our normal lives. They can transport us to a completely different place and time, making us laugh, cry, fall in love or scream in fear. Often, we’re left making comparisons to our own lives, as the story points out blessings, shortcomings, even longings. The truth is, there are often important Biblical principles found in our favorite movies. This series will give us a chance to look a bit deeper into three of this year’s biggest films.

Week 1 Message- Eddie the Eagle: A Story of Faith

Date- August 20th & 21st, 2016

Key Verse(s)-  Romans 8:31, Luke 1:37

Speaker- Rusty Coram

Eddie was raised in a family of little means, and quite frankly, low expectations. But when he found his passion and began to dream, incredible things happened. All it took was a little faith, a humble spirit and a lot of courage. No matter what the odds, God can use our faith to do the impossible, too!

Week 2 Message- The Martian: A Story of Hope

Date- August 27th & 28th, 2016

Key Verse(s)-  Romans 8:28-29, Hebrews 6:19, Romans 5:5

Speaker- Rusty Coram

Astronaut Mark Watney found himself in an impossible situation, when an accident in space left him stranded on the planet Mars. He could have chosen to give up and nobody would have blamed him. Instead, he chose to honor the life he was given by fighting with every resource available to him.

Week 3 Message- Inside Out: A Story of Love

Date- September 3rd & 4th, 2016

Key Verse(s)- Isaiah 41:10, 1 Peter 5:7

Speaker- Stephanie Schleyer


Riley is a regular girl whose world was turned upside down when her family relocated across the country. The adjustment was almost more than she could bear and her emotions threatened to destroy her. The colorful cast of feelings demonstrates a powerful truth: our emotions are God’s gift for living life to the fullest.