Our Men's Service Connect is available to help you.

New Hope Church strives to be a community hub where help and hope are found.  We want to be a place where you find a helping hand when you need it most.  With that thought in mind, we have launched a ministry called Men’s Service Connect to provide help in tangible ways to those in need e.g. single moms, those with a deployed spouse, the elderly and those trying to make ends meet on a limited income.  Men’s Service Connect is made up of men from New Hope that have skills and/or a willingness to help with needs such as home repairs, yard work and car repairs.  No payment will be received for the jobs, but the recipient must provide the necessary supplies that are needed for the repairs.  Simply fill out the form below and someone from the New Hope Church staff or Men’s Service Connect will be in contact with you for more information.

If you have a request for the Men's Service Connect, simply click on the link below, fill out the online form and we will be in contact with you.  Thanks!

Men, if you would be willing to give your time and expertise to help others, please fill out this form.