Like a Good Neighbor

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Jesus had a top-two list for us and it goes like this: 1.) Love God and 2.) Love others. This is very clear. Unfortunately, we tend to filter those instructions through all kinds of personal preferences, biases, stereotypes and prejudices. Together, let’s take a new look at what Jesus intended with those instructions and encourage each other to get busy with our assignment.

Week 1 Message -  What Does Jesus Expect of Us?

Date - September 7/8, 2019

Speaker - Rusty Coram


When we really get down to it, accepting and following Jesus means we have a brand new life, with new priorities that are essential as His followers - loving God and loving our neighbor.

Week 2 Message -  Who Is My Neighbor?

Date - September 14/15, 2019

Speaker - Rusty Coram


Jesus was asked this question one day and the answer He gave has inspired and infuriated people ever since! Today this is still a hot button issue.

Week 3 Message -  What If I Just Don’t Want To?

Date - September 21/22, 2019 

Speaker - Kim Feld


Let’s be honest - loving our neighbor means addressing our self-centeredness, biases and prejudices. Taking this kind of look in the mirror isn’t easy but it is necessary.

Week 4 Message -  So How Do I Get Started?

Date - September 28/29, 2019 

Speaker - Rusty Coram


Like any journey, it begins with taking deliberate steps in the right direction. Let’s figure out what that looks like and how we can all move forward as good neighbors.