The Hive

Bees are pretty amazing creatures. And they’re certainly industrious or they wouldn’t have earned their ‘busy’ nickname. If you spend a little time learning about them, you’ll notice that each plays a very significant role in their colony. The survivability of the group depends on each member dedicating their life to the role they were created to fulfill. The same is true for us. There is a lot we can learn from how these little creatures live that can help us focus on what’s important and live up to our full potential.

Week 1 Message-  We Beelong Together

Date- May 12/13, 2018

Key Verse(s)- Psalm 63 – 67

Speaker- Rusty Coram


Family – we were created to belong with others. Whether it’s our biological family or close network of friends, having healthy relationships is essential - like a healthy bee colony.

Week 2 Message-  Busy as a Bee

Date- May 19/20, 2018

Key Verse(s)- Psalm 68 – 72

Speaker- Rusty Coram


We are created by God to be involved in meaningful activity that benefits ourselves and others. Discovering what God has planned for me to be and do, will lead to success.

Week 3 Message-  The Beekeeper

Date- May 26/27, 2018

Key Verse(s)- Psalm 73 – 77

Speaker- Brandon Pendleton


Every colony relies on a queen for survival. The church is absolutely dependent on Jesus for our life, unity and direction.

Week 4 Message-  Beeyond the Hive

Date- June 2/3, 2018

Key Verse(s)-  Psalm 78 – 82

Speaker- Rusty Coram


Bees play a big role beyond their own colony. When bees pollenate, the benefits are vast. Staying true to their purpose allows countless plants to grow and thrive, which benefits us all. A thriving community can be infectious in the same way. There are ripple effects that make our world a better place for everyone.