Church, Why Bother?

We have lose sight of how truly wonderful church is and should be, and what a privilege it is to be part of.
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If you are not satisfied in the church – well, that means you are normal. It’s no secret that the church gets a bad rap with lots of people. Many who have grown up around the church no longer wish to be associated with it and many who have never stepped foot inside a church building are skeptical about doing so. It is widely viewed in the world at large that the church as outdated, boring, irrelevant and filled with backbiting hypocrites. And let's face it, we don't always make it easy for people. Churches can be all-absorbing, taking over your limited spare time, becoming the focus of your social life and taxing your emotions and your energy - not to mention your bank account.


God came to meet us squarely in the middle of our struggles, where He offers us the help, empathy, and grace we need. The truth is the church is God’s family and the community He created for His people grow to become more and more like Him and transform the world with the message of His love.  Join us as we learn about how to be the kind of community God desires.

Week 1 Message -  I Don’t Like What I See

Date - April 27/28 2019

Key Verse(s) - 

Speaker - Rusty Coram


I’m so weary of feeling like I’m nothing more than a religious agenda; an argument to win, a point to make, a cause to defend, a soul to save. I’m the one searching for a place where I can be known and belong; a place where it feels like God lives. I need you to stop preaching at me, and fighting me, and judging me, and sin-diagnosing me. I need the real love only Jesus can give and be part of community God desires.

Week 2 Message -  I Don’t Need What They Are “Selling”

Date - May 4/5 2019

Key Verse(s) - 

Speaker - Rusty Coram


I believe the church is outdated, like an old institution that is no longer needed. And what about all the corruption I see in the headlines? Plus, the rules, rituals and traditions are just too much. There is no value to me with organized religion and I prefer to worship on my own.