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In a crowded and busy holiday season, we can often feel weighed down by family relationships, financial pressure, regrets and more. This series will help us see the weight we feel comes from things God never intended us to carry. In fact, hanging onto baggage can indicate a misguided perspective or absence of God’s power. Christmas reminds us that He wants to walk through life beside us, providing access to all the love, hope and peace He offers.

Week 1 Message -  Letting Go of Expectations

Date - December 7/8, 2019

Speaker - Rusty Coram

Too often we enter Christmas with unrealistic expectations that can set us up for disappointment. This not only places undo pressure on us, but it inevitably bleeds over into our relationships with others.

Week 2 Message -  Letting Go of Distractions

Date - December 14/15, 2019

Speaker - Rusty Coram

Most of us are busy. While being busy isn’t a problem, staying focused on what’s truly important often can be. Christmas is the perfect time to reset our priorities.

Week 3 Message -  Letting Go of Resentment

Date - December 21/22, 2019

Speaker - Rusty Coram

Perspective is a powerful thing. It can help us maintain a positive focus in a healthy direction or send us into a pit of anger and bitterness. Many of us have a vault of resentment that needs to be cleaned out!

Week 4 Message -  Letting Go of Control

Date - December 24, 2019

Speaker - Rusty Coram

All too often we try to gain control of things in our life that we shouldn’t and ignore the areas we should. When we discover the secret of letting go of the right things we can find peace and freedom.

Week 5 Message -  Letting Go of Regret

Date - December 28/29, 2019

Speaker - Rusty Coram

Living in the past is a dangerous trap. Learning from our mistakes and experiences is important, but we are not meant to stay there indefinitely. Jesus invites us to off-load our guilt and shame to discover real freedom.