There is no greater generosity than investing in the

only thing Jesus ever built, the local church. 

Online Giving

Nearly 60% of people who give at New Hope Church use online giving. It’s simple and secure. Whether you’d like to give a single gift, or schedule ongoing donations, you can do it all online, using your checking account, debit, or credit card.


There are two ways to give online: 1) Create an account on the HUB and utilize the secure online giving through New Hope Church's giving platform, or 2) Use your banks online bill pay platform to give using your checking account.

Online giving using the HUB: New Hope Church uses CCB (Church Community Builder) for it's HUB which provides a secure system for managing online giving. Through the HUB, you’ll be able to set up recurring donations and view your previous giving history. Our transaction processing uses industry-standard SSL encryption technology, validated by Comodo, and is handled in partnership with BluePay, a payment processor certified by TRUSTe, Trustwave, and McAfee. 

If you volunteer at New Hope, chances are you are well-familiar with the HUB, and you may log in to your existing account and sett up your gift. 

Online giving using your checking account: This method requires your bank check routing number and checking account number. Your routing number is a nine-digit number on the bottom-left corner of a check. Do not use the routing number from a deposit slip. This may vary from your check routing number. We do not accept credit or debit cards as a method of payment.

While we will accept credit cards for tithes and offerings, we still strongly encourage the use of electronic funds transfer (online bill pay through your bank account or through the HUB) rather than credit card payment for two primary reasons:


  • Although many pay off their credit cards each month, many also do not. We do not want to encourage someone to go into debt and pay interest on gifts given to the church. By providing the convenience of online giving, we are not encouraging credit card debt.

Something to Consider

  • When using a credit card, as much as 3-5% of your gift is charged back to the church in credit card transaction fees. Even a credit card or debit card linked to your checking account incurs significant processing fees. With electronic fund transfer from your checking account, fees are minimal. 


If you have the means and desire to conduct your offering through your personal bank’s online bill payment service, simply indicate “New Hope Church” as your payee, specify your name as the account, and use the following information for the payee address:


New Hope Church- Finance Office

8905 Ox Road

Lorton, Virginia 22079


Your bank will send New Hope Church the payment, and we will record it towards your giving records just as if you had written the check yourself.