Giving you the Confidence to give generously.

Knowing that God wants us to be faithful and generous givers, we counsel, guide and direct our church in the management of finances. Our Finance Team and Leadership Team, in partnership with our staff, review and analyze monthly financial statements to direct the mission of our church, stewarding well the resources given to the church by our people.

Each year, an annual budget (Ministry Plan) is presented to the church body for review, analysis, questions and approval. The operating budget is fundamental to our accountability, transparency and integrity.

Financial Statements- An independent certified public accounting firm performs an annual audit of our finances. Here we provide the most recent annual audit, as well as our current, unaudited financial statements and budget.

Finance Team

The primary responsibility of the Finance Team is to provide oversight of New Hope’s finances. The Finance Team is not involved in day-to-day operations, but rather serves as an advisory body, reviewing financial reports and processes, keeping an eye on the long-range financial picture, and providing accountability. The team meets once per quarter on a weekday evening, and other times as necessary. Members of the team have a good understanding of organizational finances to be able to participate in reviewing financial statements, budgets and other such documents.


Finance Team Responsibilities:

  • Annual budget review

  • Monitor financial performance

  • Assess internal controls/safeguards

  • Review annual audit or review conducted by outside firm

  • Evaluate long-term commitments

  • Review investments’ performance

  • Long-term financial planning

  • Other matters as deemed appropriate by the Leadership Team