If simply going to church is your plan,

you are missing out on the best that the church has to offer.

No church is perfect. Sounds like an easy out to stop attending church. If you will follow a few tips, you may find exactly the right fit for you and your family. This is our best advice and the advice we would give you if we were meeting in person. Don’t give up looking for the right church until you’ve tried all steps in this process, because each step is necessary to get the most out of church...


You have to make a decision that church is part of your weekly routine. It needs to become a habit. Did you know that someone has 100% more chance of winning the lottery if they play then if they don't play. The same is true of church. You will get 100% more out of church if you go then if you don't go.


If you really want to get something out of church don't just sit and soak. Give back. Serving is a great way to meet others, discover your gifts, honor Jesus, and be reminded of the beautiful diversity of God’s people. Serving reminds us, in small part, of how we’ve been sacrificially served by Jesus. Serving reminds us that we are not the center of the universe. Saved people really do serve people.


Decide to pray regularly for the staff and church. God may surprise you with a deep love and appreciation for your church as you learn to pray for it. If you have a prayer request, please click here.


Bring some friends along with you next time you attend. When you invite you’re able to see church through fresh eyes. Invite your neighbors and family to join you. You’ll feel proud when someone you care about joins you at church and your love for the church will grow. If you don’t feel like you can invite someone to your church then maybe it’s time to find a church where you can.


The goal of joining a group is to grow in your walk with Jesus around people that can support you in taking your next steps. We believe that life is better when you live in community. Stick with attending a group long enough to form a habit.


Regardless if you enjoy the teaching pastor’s style, pay attention to the message then follow up with personal study or reflection. You don't really learn unless you change your behavior. It doesn't do you any good unless you do something with what you are taught.


Become a financial investor in the church. If you believe in the mission, then be a part of funding it. We believe that you’ll grow to love the places where you invest your money.