I Deserve It

This two-part series takes a look at two things we all deserve and that God's love and forgiveness spare us from: death and rejection.

How different would the world look if everyone got what they deserved? Would your salary be the same? Would nice guys finish first or last? What would our prisons look like? Or would things be a lot worse?

Week 1 Message- I Deserve Death, But He Gave Me Life.

Date- April 2nd & 3rd, 2016

Key Verse(s)-  Luke 23:39-43

Speaker- Rusty Coram



Two other men were crucified with Jesus on that day. One joined the crowd by mocking Him, while the other realized his own guilt and humbly asked for help.

Week 2 Message- I Deserve Rejection, But He Gave Me Acceptance

Date- April 9th & 10th, 2016

Key Verse(s)-  Luke 19:1-10

Speaker- Jeff Geyer



Our attitudes and actions leave us deserving God’s condemnation and rejection. Jesus offers us not what we deserve, but what we desperately need!


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