We are so excited to be able to welcome you back to in-person services. Our services are planned to provide those gathering online and onsite with a meaningful, safe worship experience, regardless of their circumstances.

You will no longer need to reserve a seat. We have set aside seats for those that would like to have a socially distance seat. If you prefer a socially distant seat, please click the button to reserve. After reserving your seats, you will receive a confirmation email.  If you don't see it in your inbox, please check your junk mail folder.

Frequently asked questions

What do in-person services look like?

  • We currently offer a live (music and teaching), in-person service at 11 am on Sundays

  • Pre-registration (click here) is required for the service to ensure we do not exceed our capacity

  • Front doors open 15 minutes before the service

  • Ushers will assist you in located your reserved seat(s)

Do I have to wear a mask?

  • Fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask in the building. We will not be policing individuals or “carding” people to show that they are vaccinated. If you prefer to wear a mask, please feel free to do so. If you have not been vaccinated, we encourage you to follow CDC guidelines and continue to wear a mask.
  • Children and volunteers in the Children’s Ministry area will wear masks regardless of vaccination status.

What safety and health measures are being taken?

  • We will be disinfecting all used spaces and surfaces
  • We will have touchless sanitizing stations set up throughout the building
  • The seat reservation system automatically accounts for socially distanced seating between attendees when a seat is a reserved
  • Coffee/Soda: We know a hot cup of coffee or an ice-cold soda is the best way to prepare for church, but for now, we will not be providing coffee or soda. You are welcome to bring your own! Watch for an update on this in the next couple of weeks!

What if I’m not ready to attend in-person services yet?

Until you feel comfortable attending in person, you are welcome to join us for church at home, an identical online worship experience to our in-person gatherings. Each of our services will be broadcast on Facebook (with chat) and the Church Online platform (no chat). All services can be watched on-demand at https://www.live.newhope.org/

What about kids (toddlers - 5th graders)?

Children’s programs are meeting in-person during the 11:00 am service on Sunday. We have programs for walking toddlers – 5th graders. Our elementary kids will go to the grade they will attend in the fall.

-We’ve taken a few measures to ensure everyone’s safety:

-A limited number of kids will be allowed in each room.

-All volunteers will be masked as well as kids 3 yrs old and up.

Be sure to check out nhckidstime.com. If you have questions, email us at familyministry@newhope.org.

What about students (6th through 12th graders)?

Takeover, our Student Mininstry for 6th through 12th graders, meets Sunday nights from 6 – 7:15 pm at the church. 6th-12th graders can join us on Sunday nights two ways:

  1. ​Join us online at https://www.live.newhope.org/ at 6 pm to watch the lesson. Then join us for Zoom small groups afterward for discussion. For access to the Zoom code, please email takeover@newhope.org
  2. Join us in the building. Check-in starts at 5:45 pm. We play games like 4 square and 9 square outside until the lesson begins at 6. After, we have small groups with discussion, prayer and some social time. Wear a mask and don’t come if you’re sick or have been around someone sick.
Be sure to check out nhctakeover.com. If you have questions, email us at takeover@newhope.org .

NEW: What's changing this fall for in-person gatherings?

Starting Sunday, September 12th, we will begin the 9 am in-person service again. Like the 11 am service, you will no longer need to reserve a seat. We have set aside seats for those that would like to have a socially distance seat. If you prefer a socially distant seat, please click the button above.