Providing life-saving components to assist

Bunyinza on their journey towards self-sufficiency.

In 2011, New Hope Church partnered with Hope 4 Kids International to find a sister church in Uganda. We were blessed to find the village of Bunyinza. We provide support to the village infrastructure, children, and widows. We also have an annual mission trip to the village as well.


In Bunyinza, like most villages in Uganda, has a large amount of people who are suffering from lack of safe water and basic health care. We equiped Bunyinza with essentials for a successful ministry and a brighter future by providing a deepwater well, a medical clinic, a church building, a public latrine, and a house for the pastor. 


In additon to the help with the physical infrustructure, New Hope Church, through it's general offering, sponsors 50 children from the village. Each child receives much-needed education and healthcare.


Our church members have generously donated the money to bless them with a motorcycle, food, clothes, 1000 pairs of shoes, soap/toiletries, gifts for kids, a widow’s home, the tree planting project, a playground, holiday celebrations, spa days, ties, crusades, and help with funeral and medical expenses for Pastor John’s family. 



Each summer since 2010, New Hope Church has sent a team to Uganda.  God not only calls us to serve the poor, He commands it. Taking this trip will allow you to get involved firsthand with people that need to know they are loved and cared for. While some mission trips are very task-oriented, this trip will be very relational. You will be able to provide love, encouragement, and hope to the people in Africa. It will renew your passion and reinvigorate your faith. Be a Difference Maker!






Through New Hope's general offering, a water well, a medical clinic, a church building, a public latrine, and a house for the pastor have already been funded and constructed. Yearly, the medical clinic is restocked.



Our partnership is not only about providing for immediate needs but also providing tools and resources to help villagers sustain long term.


By providing the village pastor with monthly sponsorship, the pastor is encouraged to focus on their ministry and tend to the immediate needs of their village.


Each village has its own location, needs, talents, strength of leadership, and available resources. This is not any more true then with the widows in the village. By sponosring the widows they can start micro business and become self-sustaining.


The sponsoring of 50 children in the village is paramount in not only their own life but the ultimate well being of the village.