New Hope Church is blessed to by led by individuals completely sold out on the church's mission of helping all people becoming fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.


You could call us non-denominational because we are self-governed and own our property. Others refer to us as inter-denominational because we have people from many different backgrounds. As you can tell, a single label just doesn’t quite fit! 


What most people want to know is that we are a fully independent church! There are no outside authorities or boards that control us as in other denominations. 


In order to maximize ministry and to minimize maintenance, New Hope operates with a simple structure. Rather than “voting” on most issues of ministry, we will seek to delegate responsibility to those who are faithful and capable. Voting is reserved for the following issues:


• Annual budget

• Purchase of land or building

• Hiring/firing of the senior pastor


We work together with a wide variety of churches, ministries, and organizations that have a similar heart for things that matter to God.

New Hope's Staff members all stand as examples of dedication and personal sacrifice for something they believe in so deeply, but they are only a few people. New Hope would not be here were it not for the members and attendees who give up their weekdays, weeknights, and weekends; who offer their time, their businesses, their talents, their equipment, and who even miss the service to build, repair, sing, perform, set up, take down, watch our children, shop, and transport, just to name a few things. It takes over a third of our adult attendees to pull off a weekend at church. Ministry specific staff are highlighed on the respective ministry pages on this site. 

RUSTY CORAM- Senior Pastor

Rusty, along with his wife Becky and their children Sarah and Joseph, moved to the DC area in 1991. It was much different from his one-time dream of homesteading in the Canadian wilderness! The new dream was to create a church that would help unchurched people discover God’s love and purpose for their lives. Before moving to Northern Virginia, he, among other things, started and operated a successful landscaping company in Texas.


“The lessons I learned in the marketplace about integrity, honesty, initiative, teamwork, and relationships have been an enormous help in leading New Hope. I am fortunate to be part of a great team of people - staff and volunteers - that are fully devoted to helping people discover a life changing relationship with Jesus.”


Rusty received his degree from Southwestern Baptist Seminary and currently serves on church planting boards. You can send a message to Rusty at


New Hope has several categories of leadership. We have a Pastoral Staff that oversees the regular operation and ministry of the church. We also have a Leadership Team (sometimes called our Advisory Team or Board of Directors). This Team handles responsibilities ranging from support and accountability of the Senior Pastor, financial review, policy issues that affect the congregation, and other matters that require spiritual maturity and wisdom. We also have a Constitution and By Laws that guide us and that this team oversees for us.