Within the first 10 minutes of their visit,

we want our guests to say,“Wow! I’m impressed.” 

The quality of service plays a big part in determining what restaurants, hotels, and other businesses we frequent. The same is true for the local church. When people come to church for the first time, how are they treated? Do guests feel valued? Do they feel like they could fit in?


When people come to New Hope Church, they come into contact with numerous volunteer teams that are all there to make sure their experience is great. Within the first 10 minutes of their visit, we want our guests to say, “Wow! I’m impressed.” We want them to know that they are important to us by providing a warm and safe environment for them to take their next step toward Christ.


The First Impressions teams of New Hope Church exist to provide the warmest atmosphere possible, for guests and members alike. It has been said first impressions make lasting impressions, and we know this is true. Our goal is to make every person who comes through our doors feel like a part of the family.

Choose a Team


Greeters create a great first impression from the curb to the front doors to the auditorium. They assist people during services by handing out programs and helping guests navigate their way through the church. 


The ushers are vital in ensuring the smooth flow of the worship service. They help people find available seats as they come in, collect the offering each service, and count the attendance. These dedicated people are on alert to assist wherever needed. 


The shuttle drivers are trained in safety and guest services. Drivers provide a warm and comfortable ride to the church. The goal of this team is to communicate the high value we place on our guests.


During our weekly services, the Hospitality Team keeps the refreshments coming, providing a warm, cozy atmosphere for our new guests and attenders. The refreshment bars and cafe tables are maintained and cleaned regularly to make sure that our guests have a nice place to socialize and get connected with others.


The Parking Team connects with people by making them feel welcomed even before they get out of their cars. They are the first face that our friends and guests see. The team helps with directing traffic, carrying umbrellas on rainy days, opening car doors for guests, and making everyone feel welcomed.


The Guest Services Team is the smiling face of New Hope. These are the true extroverts who thrive on meeting and greeting! They provide above-and-beyond hospitality by providing information about our facility and ministries. The Guest Services Desk at the main entrance serves as the first stop for guests. Here they will be able to get their welcome gift, get an escort to the children’s rooms, and anything else to make them feel welcomed and informed.