We volunteer in order to see CHANGE in the lives of students. 

Takeover is the weekly gathering (Sunday night's at 6 pm) of the New Hope Student Ministry. We’re devoted to providing a place for students (6th-12th grade) to connect with God and others, be encouraged to make wise choices, be a positive influence to their friends, and serve others.



Why Volunteer?


We volunteer in order to see CHANGE in the lives of students. The three ways we believe this happens is by:


  • Putting Jesus on their level

  • Creating an enjoyable large group experience

  • Building relationships through small groups


If all of these are accomplished, we believe that we’ll see students’ lives changed!

What to Expect as a

Student Ministry Volunteer

We believe that every volunteer we have is a leader! Students will look to us for relationship, guidance, discipline, and fun. We will lead by the example of how we follow Jesus. This will be a commitment of dedication and time, but there is no greater reward than seeing that God has used you to lead a student closer to Him. We do ask that if you want to be a leader, you be prepared to attend Takeover at least twice a month.


If you are interested in becoming a leader, there are a few steps you will need to go through:


  • Observation: this is where you can simply come check out Takeover.

  • Training: we want to set you up with all you will need to know to lead well.

  • Next Steps Conversation: we are all about taking next steps at New Hope, and we want to help you see if New Hope Student Ministry is for you.

  • Background Check: all leaders must be cleared to be able to serve with students.


If you are interested in volunteering, please click the "Request Info" box below. You will be contacted by someone from the team to talk about the next steps. Thank you!