God is changing lives every week at New Hope and behind

every changed life are the faces of our volunteers. 

Our volunteers at New Hope Church are heroes; they are truly the force behind everything that takes place here on the weekend and during the week.  We all have different gifts but together we are one! We understand that many people look at the size of New Hope Church and think they can’t possibly make a difference; the truth is, you can.  God’s vision for this church is to connect, renew, and grow all people in Christ.  We cannot fulfill that vision without our volunteers.


Everyone can make a difference, and that includes you!

Carol Ann Gregoire, Vounteer Director


Whether it’s helping guests find a great parking spot, holding an infant, operating stage lights, or anything in between, our volunteers are connectors to the power of Christ.  There is simply no greater joy than to know you are used by God in a way that makes an eternal impact on others.  Go ahead and jump into volunteering and become a part of what God is doing through New Hope.  It’s a decision you won’t regret.

Where do I fit?

We’ve gone back and dusted off our psychology textbooks to develop the following profiles that best capture the population of New Hope. Look for these icons throughout the booklet and use them as a key to help identify where you might fit best, based on your strengths and personality.


The TRAILBLAZER typically leads the charge to inspire and motivate others. They are risk-takers and problem solvers. Trailblazers love a challenge and will rise to it without fail every time!

The SOCIAL BUTTERFLY is outgoing, friendly, and loves to network. They love chatting it up and naturally make people feel at ease. Social butterflies have never met a stranger!


The ARTIST loves to create stirring, beautiful experiences. They thrive when they can use their talents and imagination to inspire people in new and exciting ways.


The GUARDIAN is a protector and a caretaker. Guardians look at the world with compassion, and love to serve those around them.


The NINJA is task-oriented and loves details. They are incredibly thorough and good at getting tasks accomplished. The Ninja is so stealthy you may never see one, but you’ll know they were there by the trail of completion!


There’s always a chance that you could fit into more than one of these categories. Not to worry, versatility is an excellent attribute to have and many of our teams can benefit from having more than one personality type.  

Choose a Ministry