What Would You Do If You Could Be New?


To one group or another, we are all the “new” kid. For some, that is a scary thought. However it comes with a great opportunity, to establish yourself as the person you want to be, not the person you have been labeled to be. We don’t have to wait for a big change to become new. We have that chance right now. As we begin a new year, maybe it’s time to start looking at who you would want to be if you could be “new”.

Week 1 Message- The New You

Date- January 8th, 2017

Key Verse(s)-  Daniel 1:1-15

The One Thing- You can change the direction you’re going and the decisions you make. Find out who you want to be, and become that person.

Speaker- Sr HS- Tommy Clark/Jr HS- Stephanie Schleyer

To one group or another, we are all the “new kid” in some way. What would you do if you were new? If you could be any version of yourself, who would you be? What would you stand for? Who would you stand with? What kind of difference could you make? So now, go do it! Be that version of you that you wish you were.

Week 2 Message- New, But Not Alone

Date- January 15th, 2017

Key Verse(s)- Daniel 2:1-19

The One Thing- You have to have accountability and support. Choose your friends wisely and be open to wise council.

Speaker-  Sr HS- Tommy Clark/Jr HS- Harold Wells

Having people that stand with you when you are new gives you the strength and courage to keep standing. It is so much easier to be new with someone alongside you! When you know you aren't alone, when you know you belong, when you know that there are people standing for the things you stand for, being new isn’t so scary. Who do you have to be new with you?

Week 3 Message- Impress or Impact?

Date- January 22nd, 2017

Key Verse(s)- Daniel 3

The One Thing- Don’t just try to impress people, try to make a lasting change.

Speaker-  Sr HS- Brandon Pendleton/Jr HS- Stephanie Schleyer

When we hear the story of Jesus, a lot of us picture it as just that. A story. But what if we took it seriously? What if we took the birth of our savior as a real life event, and not just a concept? How would your life change if Christmas wasn’t about the “season”, but instead about what God did to get to know us personally?