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Jesus offers a brand new life to everyone who chooses to follow Him. Some mistakenly think that new life begins when we die, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you’re a brand new believer or a seasoned veteran, He has big plans for all of us – an adventure! And like all adventures, there are challenges, obstacles, excitement and danger along the way. This series is designed to help each of us explore where we are, where we’re headed, and how to get the most out of the life God offers us.

Week 1 Message- The Beginning is a Great Place to Start

Date- September 11th, 2016

Key Verse(s)-  Luke 15, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23

Matthew 28:19-20

Speaker- Tommy Clark

The road that leads to Jesus looks different for each one of us, but they all end at the exact same place – the beginning. The trick is to discover where to go from there!

Week2 Message- Pack Smart and Travel Light

Date- September 25th, 2016

Key Verse(s)-  Joshua 1:8, Matthew 4:4

Speaker- Harold Wells

There are many influences in life that can send us heading in the wrong direction, and it can be hard to know who and what to trust. God’s plan for us is no guessing game. He left us with amazing tools to help guide us along the way.

7th & 8th Grade

9th-12th Grade

Week 3 Message- Personal Pitfalls

Date- October 2nd, 2016

Key Verse(s)-  1 Corinthians 10:13, Matthew 6

Speaker- Tommy Clark

Temptations aren’t new – even Jesus had to face them. He remained perfect, but that’s out of our reach. Human desire isn’t a bad thing, but when we let our desires lead us, we can get into big trouble.

Week 4 Message- Danger Ahead

Date- October 9th, 2016

Key Verse(s)-  James 4:7, 1 Peter 5:6-9

Speaker- Harold Wells

There is an enemy who wants nothing more than to lead us off God’s intended path and into danger. He is a master of disguise who knows where we’re most vulnerable. God is ready to help and protect us, as we trust and obey.

Week 5 Message- Wrong Turns, Toll Roads and Rest Stops

Date- October 16th, 2016

Key Verse(s)-  Proverbs 14:12, 1 John 1:9

Speaker- Brandon Pendleton

Times will come when we make poor choices and go our own way. But, personal failure doesn’t have to be fatal or final. God allows us to make our own choices, and even though we may face consequences, He’ll guide us back to the right path. All we have to do is remain open to Him.

Week 6 Message- Carpools and Caravans

Date- October 23rd, 2016

Key Verse(s)-  1 Corinthians 9:22b-23, Colossians 1:28-29


Our journey with Jesus is meant to be shared, and it is our privilege to invite others to join us. There is nothing in this world that compares to the thrill of helping a friend cross the line of faith to begin the great adventure!


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