Intentional hospitality is very important to us at New Hope Church. We want
to welcome everybody with the love of Jesus. We hope that you will find
this page full of valuable information as you plan your visit.

What do

you believe?

You can learn more about what we believe on our beliefs page by clicking here.

What do

I wear?

Where do

I park?

You are welcome at New Hope just as you are. You will see jeans and t-shirts, dresses/coats and ties, and everything in between. We believe that it's the attitude of your heart that matters to God, rather than your physical appearance.

If you are a first-time visitor, we have parking lot attendants and greeters to help guide you to a great spot. Simply turn on your hazard lights when you enter the campus and the attendants will hook you up! Click here for a map of the parking lot.

Where's the


The entrance is located right in the front of the building. The main doors are located under the covered drop off. Greeters will be stationed there to assist you. Click here for a facility map that shows the entrance.

What time do I

need to arrive?

We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the service you are attending so you can park and find a seat. Leave a little more time if you need to check in kids into the Children's Ministry. We have a special team of volunteers ready to show you around and help you get settled.

How long is

the service?

We have three identical weekend services that are each one hour in duration. 

What is a 

service like?

Each service begins with a live band playing energetic and inspiring music that is meant to be engaging and heartfelt, while seeking to focus our minds and hearts on God. The auditorium setting is contemporary with creative multi-media elements designed to make it easy to follow along and conducive for you to participate during each song. You will then hear a message based on the Bible. The heart of our church is to help people grow. It is our hope and goal that the message will encourage and challenge you. You can click here to watch a recent service.

What will my children

do while I'm in

the service?

Where do

I sit?

You can sit wherever you feel comfortable in our auditorium, from the front row on the main floor to the back row of the balcony. If you have difficulty locating a seat, our ushers are available to assist you. We also have seats in our atrium for a more casual veiwing area where you can enjoy a complimentary coffee or soda.

Do I need to bring a Bible to church?

Children are important to us! While you attend the service, the kids (those in 5th grade and under) will be in special programs designed just for them with caring teachers who want to show them Jesus' love. Additionally, we have a program for children with special needs. You can pre-register your child(ren) by filling out the form here. This will save you a few moments when you visit. Students in 6th through 12th Grade are invited to meet up with other students and get a free snack at the Spot on Sunday mornings.  Any volunteer can point you to the Spot.

How can I

serve others?

You don't have to bring a Bible unless you want to. All of the Bible verses are written out in the program and on the screen. Our teaching pastors typically teach from the New Living Translation. They always list the translations used in their messages.

How do I get involved

in small groups?

For help finding a group that fits

you just right, click here.

I'm in a wheelchair.

Where do I go?

Our facility is designed for wheelchairs. Designated wheelchair seating is available on the main floor. Our ushers will be happy to help you locate seating for yourself and anyone who is accompanying you. You can click here to download a copy of our facility.  We have handicap parking spots located right near the front entrance as well!

Will I have to say

or sign anything,

or be singled out?

You won’t be put on the spot. You won’t have to wear a name badge or be singled out in any way. You don’t even have to sing along if you don’t feel comfortable. You won't be expected to give any money. We want you to relax and be comfortable. We're here to help when you need us.

How can I obtain

more information?

For more information about New Hope, click here and fill out this online form to request information, and we will get back to you ASAP!

At New Hope, you'll find a service opportunity that fits your unique talents and abilities. Click here for more information.