Releasing men to live out their God-given purpose. 


Lead and send men for service to God, to the church, and to the community. It is releasing men to live out their God-given purpose. 


  • Men are looking for something to do - they do not like sitting around.

  • Men measure themselves by productivity and gain a portion of self-image based on what they do.

  • Challenge men to serve through a variety of activities in the church and/or community. Opportunities could include: Providing construction teams or mechanics to help families in need of home/car repairs (i.e., single mothers, widow's, spouses of deployed military, etc.)

  • Mentoring

  • Take part in community outreach projects (LCAC, Street Light, local schools, tent city, etc.)


Men, if you would be willing to give your time and expertise to help others, please fill out this form.